The Mass. Legislature does not like people who sell drugs, especially those who sell near a school or a park. MGL Ch. 94 s.32J is the so-called “school zone ” statute where if one sells drugs within 300 yards of a school between 5:00 AM- Midnight or within 100 yards of a park or playground, the minimum sentence is 2 years in jail, mandatory.

Further, the Legislature made the offense one of “strict liability” i.e. the prosecutor does not have to prove that you knew that a school, park or playground was anywhere nearby. Even if the school or park or playground was tucked in the woods, tough luck. However, on January 3, 2017, the SJC loosened the rule ever so slightly, saying that if your a passenger in a car that drives by one of these protected places, which stopped only for a traffic light, you’ll be found not guilty.

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