If the proof against you in an oui case is substantial and you want to plead out your case, below is a hypothetical disposition;

Continue Without a Finding for one year (The DA may ask the Judge for a Guilty Finding);

45 day loss of license

24D program (16-18 weeks of classroom lectures) separate cost of about $700

$250 Head Injury Fee

$250 State Fee

$50 OUI Fee

$500 Fine

$125 Surfine

$65/mo. probation fee

A lawyer may be able to persuade a judge to waive or reduce some of the fees.

If you blew a breathalyzer test or refused such a test and you have a job and/or enrolled in school and are not near public transportation, you may qualify for a so-called Cinderella License (7:00-7:00) until your real license privileges are restored. In order to obtain such a license, you have to sign up for the 24D program ASAP (call a vendor near you to set up an intake meeting), wait 3 business days and then take your 24D certificate and proof of a job, school and lack of public transportation to the Registry.

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