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Civil Litigation

Doug has been engaged in civil litigation, both as Plaintiff Counsel and Defense Counsel. The bulk of Doug’s private civil practice ran from 1986-99. During that period, Doug handled all litigation of numerous matters, including a successful $500,000 automobile accident suit, a $40,000 slip and fall case on ice/snow, an $87,000 jury verdict home improvement contract case, a $27,000 dental malpractice case and a $2.3 million dollar jury verdict (with interest) against Red Roof Inns for personal injury/employment law issues.

In 1999 Governor Cellucci elevated Doug to a judgeship in the Framingham District Court. Doug spent 17 years handling daily civil motion sessions, Supplementary Process (debt) hearings, Landlord-Tenant motions and trials and anywhere from 50-100 civil trials involving automobile crashes, slip and fall cases, contract disputes, and more.

Doug has over 40 years of legal experience. See the details here:

1978-1986—Assistant District Attorney (criminal personal injury)

1986-1999—Private practice

Prior to Doug being appointed as a Judge to the Framingham District Court, Doug practiced as an ADA (1978-86) and as a private lawyer (1986-99).  As a private lawyer during this time, Doug represented personal injury clients in various matters, including:

  • $500,000 automobile accident suit
  • $40,000 slip/fall on ice settlement
  • $87,000 home improvement verdict
  • $27,000 dental malpractice suit
  • 500,000 wrongful death settlement
  • $2.3 million dollar jury verdict against Red Roof Inns
  • $450,000 wrongful death civil settlement
  • $1.7 million jury verdict

1999-2016—District Court judge

Presided over civil motion and trial lists for 17 years

2016-Present—Private practice

  • $28,000 for broken foot bone settlement
  • $230,000 for broken hip settlement
  • $250,000 broken leg settlement
  • $120,000 broken elbow settlement in Superior Court

As Doug explains…

“I initially learned how to try a case as an Assistant District Attorney. Every day for eight years I was in court, disposing of cases or trying cases. I learned early on that diligent preparation in discovery, pre-trial motions, drafting of direct and cross-examination of witnesses and use of scientific and expert evidence was instrumental in achieving successful results. That experience served me well when I eventually shifted over to civil practice. I also learned quickly that constant communication with a client builds a sense of teamwork that serves the process well.

Many litigants are unfamiliar with the substantial court congestion we have in Massachusetts. A normal District Court trial date is about 18 months after filing of the Complaint. For Superior Court (cases above $25,000), the time standards are built for three years of pre-trial activity before a trial may commence. Because of the sustained delays, I believe that the best path to follow in cases of personal injury is to do the investigative work and interviewing of witnesses and evidence immediately and to file the complaint as soon as possible. The only exception to this presumption would be a circumstance in which the client may have chronic, sustained injuries that are not acutely resolved or readily quantifiable.

Whether a case is settled or goes to trial is dependent on varied factors, but neither settlement nor success at trial will occur without the other side being persuaded that our odds of winning the case are substantial. To reach that threshold we need all of our witnesses, medical records, bills, evidence, and experts ready to go. We also need the other side to know that we have the experience and skill to prove our case.”

Doug specializes in trying cases in the following areas of civil litigation:

  • Personal Injury
  • Auto accident
  • Slip and fall cases
  • Wrongful death cases
  • Business Disputes
  • Employment Law
  • Landlord/Tenant Matters

You can reach Doug anytime at (508) 243-4877, by email at, or at his office at 8E Pleasant Street, 2nd Floor, South Natick, MA.

Decades of experience in civil litigation and criminal defense in Eastern Massachusetts.

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