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Criminal Defense

Most lawyers and Judges will tell you that the best defense attorneys are former Assistant District Attorneys. Doug was an Assistant District Attorney for eight years (1978-86), during which time he tried:

  • 200+ misdemeanor and traffic trials
  • 60 felony trials
  • 7 murder trials

As a private lawyer from 1986-99, Doug defended over 100 clients in cases ranging from misdemeanors to felony offenses, including murder, armed robbery and serious drug offenses.

In 1999, Doug was appointed to the bench in the Framingham District Court. For 17 years, until he retired at age 64, Doug presided over hundreds of traffic, misdemeanor and felony cases.

Doug is now in private practice, sharing space with seven other lawyers. Doug handles all criminal cases, including:

As Doug explains…

“Any person charged with a crime or traffic matter needs an attorney who can walk a client through the legal and practical issues that any charge presents. A client needs a lawyer to quickly assess the strength of the D.A.’s case and then act by:

Doug Stoddart Attorney Lawyer Massachusetts

  • interviewing witnesses
  • inspecting evidence/videotape
  • filing appropriate motions to suppress evidence
  • preparing client/witnesses with direct/cross-examination
  • sharing with the client the probabilities of success at trial vs. disposition of the case without a guilty plea

I’ve been in courtrooms for 38 years and I sat as a Judge in most courts in Eastern Massachusetts. I know how to increase a client’s probabilities of success.”

Doug can be reached anytime at (508) 243-4877, by email at, or by visiting his office at 8E Pleasant Street, 2nd Floor, South Natick, MA.

Decades of experience in civil litigation and criminal defense in Eastern Massachusetts.

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